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Presenters: for a more object oriented view approach (and a better testing)!

I made this post more to express my admiration to the presenters pattern than to show something new.
Presenters makes the testing easier and the view more elegant.

This tutorial is a simple user CRUD, where the user informs name, email, date of birth and if the data should be private.
If the data should be private, the informations of email and date of birth will not be shown (will show a “Hidden” label instead).

Running sample

Final version repository


Please, read first: Bootstrap Project for the Tutorials

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The NVL() function for Java and Ruby

Anyone who used PLSQL is already familiar with the NVL(foo, bar) function..

This feature lets us set a default value if the first is null.

But if you want something like that in Ruby and Java? :>
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Invitation Modal

In this tutorial I will show how to create a invitation modal, where the user puts some emails, than the application sends an invitation email for each one.

Running sample

Final version repository
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Bootstrap Project for the Tutorials

Bootstrap project contains all configuration needed to start this blog tutorials.

You just need to clone this project, run bundle install and start following the tutorials:

git clone
bundle install

Because there are already excellent tutorials available, I will not show how to configure this bootstrap application, but I will leave the tutorials that inspired me to use this tools.
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